Asia Bizz: Korean mobile phone manufacturer Samsung is now close to becoming the world’s largest smartphone seller. The company has reportedly overtaken Finnish mobile phone company Nokia in the Indian market as the top seller of smartphones.

For the first time, Samsung has left behind Nokia, in terms of both volume as well as value, against the Finnish company which was till now the leader in the market. The volume market share of Samsung in the month of November 2011 was nearly 38%, while the value share was at 35.2 %.

The increase of the popularity of Samsung in the domestic market increased in the last few months. The 32% share of Samsung was the highest value in the smartphone market.

Moreover, even in the global market, Samsung left behind Apple, which became the world’s largest seller of smartphones for the third quarter which ended in the month of September 2011. Ranjit Yadav, the IT country head of Samsung mobile, said that they believe in offering their consumers innovative smart mobile devices across different operating systems and also different price points. Yadav added that Samsung also gives their customers more choice and this has also helped Samsung emerge as the preferred brand in the smartphone market.

Last year, the market was around 2.5 million units and this year it is expected to close with 8.5 million units.