Asia Bizz: Japanese-based electronics company Toshiba recently stated that it has developed a revolutionary technology which can decontaminate radioactive soil. This can reportedly help in the decontamination of the area surrounding the disaster-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Originally, the technology was designed to purify radioactive water at the nuclear power plant. But now the makers of the technology have said that it can remove 97% of the cesium from the radio active soil.

The company released a statement in which it mentioned that the device is currently capable dealing with 1.7 tons of radio active soil per day. But at the same time it is theoretically possible for a machine that is capable of processing 100 times the amount.

For removing the radio-activeness from the soil, the device uses crystalline absorbents which can selectively remove the radio active ions from the liquids, soil as well as the waste. The company has also claimed that the machine can also decontaminate the radioactive ash from the garbage incineration plants. The company also hopes that can provide a nationwide solution to the problem of dealing with the radio active materials. Toshiba is now planning to hold a training conference nationwide from next month so that the local governments and the other associations can operate the device properly.