Asia Bizz: After the low-priced Aakash tablet PC, Rohit Pande, a graduate from the popular Indian Institute of Technology, Calcutta, has developed the new Classpad which has been launched in the Indian market. Pande has returned to the institute where he launched the new tablet for the domestic market.

The maker of the tablet has now planned to make education accessible to each and every student according to his own merit and intellect. With the help of the new Classpad tablet, students can have a more personalized and interactive learning experience in the classroom so that education is accessible to every student according to his abilities.

The new Classpad tablet PC allows teachers to transfer class work to the student’s tablet and the students can also share the content easily. The device will also help the students to give undivided attention to the class lessons, attempt assignments and get results to further enhance their results.

The new Classpad has a 1.3 GHz processor with a built in memory of 4 GB which can be expandable up to 8 GB. Rohit Pande, the CEO of Classteacher Learning Systems, said at the launch if the device that the present education system does not differentiate  students according to their learning capabilities and teach them at the same level, so the software helps in solving the problem.