Asia Bizz: With the introduction of the new Timeline feature on the social networking site Facebook, not everyone is happy with the new feature. On the other hand, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said that the new Timeline is a new way to express who a person really is – which has sparked a debate on the site.

Many users now want their old ways to express themselves. The people who have adopted the new Timeline are unsatisfied and do not have a way to get back their old profile pages.

Not many people are aware that this can be done by accessing the page on the older versions of the Internet Explorer of Microsoft. As Facebook is phasing out support for the older browsers, the new Timeline will now be available on the older versions like the Internet Explorer 7 and 6.

The experience on the older browsers will be less optimal. Moreover, for users who are able to view their old profile, it does not mean that their friends will also view the same. The friends who are using the latest browser will be viewing the profile in the Timeline view, no matter what the user is seeing it as. Some of the users still use the older version of the Internet explorer. Google even announced that they will stop support for the older versions of the browsers.