Asia Bizz: The introduction of the world’s cheapest car, Tata Nano, was indeed a boon for the common man in India like Vijay Govind Pisal, who is a farmer in the western state of Maharashtra. The farmer could not afford a high end car but could afford a Nano due its fuel efficiency and extended warranty, but why has it become a sore eye in India?

Govind said that whenever he wanted to visit his relatives, he had to depend on the public transport or a bike. But now since he has a Nano, he can also take along his family.

The company needs such customers to boost its sales. Tata Motors aimed at luring the customers who could not afford cars with big price tags. The initial sales were good but gradually it decreased due to many reasons like failing to deliver cars on time, missing features and some of the fire reports. So the sales of the car decreased in spite of the high discount offers and promotional activities.

Number of steps have been taken by the company to boost sales including the increase of finance options and increasing the distribution in the smaller towns. The only thing the company has not done is that they it is yet to launch a diesel version of the car. Many people expected that the company will announce the diesel version of the car at the Auto Expo 2012.