Asia Bizz: Japanew information technology equipment and services company Fujitsu recently announced that its new docomo STYLE series F-04D mobile phone will be available in the Japanese market from January 13, 2012 onwards. The design of the new F-04D includes genuine carbon fibers along with a titanium coating on the front.

The new phones come with a tough shield technology on the back, due to which it will deliver long term usability and preserves the handset’s elegant appearance. On the other hand, the F-90D has a high performance CPU which enables quick and easy operations.

The other high performance features of the handset include 13.1 megapixel camera, a smart browser which provides web browsing functionality that is equivalent to that of a PC browser, Wi-Fi, finger print sensor along with other security capabilities.

Fujitsu meets the demands of the mobile phones users, who prefer handsets that are durable which can remain in top condition over a long period of time. The company thus caters to the needs of the Japanese customers. The titanium coating used in the handsets are often used in the fashion accessories as well as luxury watches. It also comes with a number of convenient features like the FM transmitter capabilities, multimedia electronic dictionary and a business cards reader.