Asia Bizz: The best gadget by of the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas was claimed by a razor thin television LG 55EM9800 created by LG.  Microsoft was also a big winner in the final appearance at the CES 2012

The South Korean electronics giant LG introduced a 55 inch TV set with a thickness of just 0.16 inches, with OLED or organic light emitting diode, display technology. The technology of OLED does not require back lighting and has better color contrast than the standard flat screen LEDs.

Both Samsung as well as LG wooed the crowd at the CES 2012 at Las Vegas with the new thin TV sets. The TV was awarded as the ‘Best TV’ by a panel of experts from technology new site CNET , who also named it ‘Best Of The Show’ among the thousands of the new products on display.

CNET’s whole reasoning about choosing the LG TV instead of the Samsung, was due to the fact that it had an actual shipping date, which is the third quarter of the year. When the new thin LG TV makes its way to the market, it will not be for everyone to own it as it is expected to cost several thousand dollars. Meanwhile, Nokia’s Lumia 900 touchscreen was named as the ‘Best Cell phone’ and the Envy 14 Spectre laptop from HP was named as the ‘Best Computer’.