Asia Bizz: The government of India had launched the trials of the low-priced Aakash tablet PC, which was termed as the world’s cheapest tablet PC at just $45 per device. But now it seems like the tablet has failed to satisfy those who were involved in the trials of the device.

People who used it have  found that the device lacked processor speed and the quality of the touch screen and battery problems were the other issues that were reported. The tablet was launched by the Indian HRD and communications minister Kapil Sibal with an aim to fill the gap between the digital haves and have-nots.

Barely three months after the launch, the HRD ministry is not satisfied with the performance and has now decided to order fresh trials with an upgraded version of the device. Initially, 10,000 of the devices were tested by the students across the country.

One of the senior government officials, on the condition of anonymity, said that they are aware of the problems and the processor, battery and the screen will be modified and will come with upgraded specifications in the next phase. The trials this time are expected to be carried out with bigger sample size with the upgraded devices. Some of the earlier reports said that since the trails have been non-satisfactory, the project has been shelved.