Asia Bizz: A cyber criminal has recently threatened to release the source code for Symantec Corp’s Norton antivirus software and has also cited a lawsuit that has been filed against the company.

The threat message recently appeared on hacker Yama Tough’s Twitter feed, which mentioned that the code will be disclosed ‘today’. This week, the company said that some cyber criminals have stolen a chunk of source code from a third party but the company’s own network has not been breached.

Symantec has described the code as several years old. Cris Paden, the spokesperson of the company, said that no additional information particularly with regards to the new claims ‘Anonymous’ has made so far.

A lawsuit filed in the US earlier this week accused Symantec of seeking to persuade customers to buy its products by scaring them. It was also alleged that the company scared customers with misleading information about the health of the computers. The lawsuit has been described as Norton Utilities and is a form of scareware. On the other hand, the company said that they do not believe that the suit has any merit and assured that they would vigorously defend the case. Paden has also said that the company no longer supports or sells Norton Utilities.