Asia Bizz: Datawind, the makers of the World’s cheapest Tablet PC Aakash, recently said that the proposed product testing criteria laid down by IIT Jodhpur cannot be applied to the first version of the tablets. The test criteria by IIT Jodhpur include conditions like water resistance, in which a device will be kept in a rain chamber, which will be supplying rain at a rate of 4 inches per hour.

Sunit Singh Tuli, the CEO of Datawind, said that the test specifications that have been proposed by the IIT after the tender document was submitted and were not a part of the original tender. Tuli added that the price points at which the tablets are being made cannot be compared to the $1000 laptop.

The CEO also added that they have supplied the product with the better specification that that was issued by the IIT Jodhpur. Tuli argued that the test criteria made by the IIT was based on military specification of a rough and tough product.

The company has now communicated its views to the concerned IIT director. The Datawind CEO stated in a press conference that he is confident that the changes in the proposed test criteria will be made soon. Regarding the Letter of Credit issued to the company by the government, Tuli said that it is valid till the end of January 2012.