Asia Bizz: In an open warning for all those who still practice the shameful act of demanding dowries, the much awaited ‘Angry Brides’ game is here. After ‘Angry Birds’, the new application ‘Angry Brides’ aims at highlighting the illegal practice which still prevails in India and many other South Asian countries.

In India, the system of dowry includes the Bride groom’s family demanding jewellery, clothes, cars and sometimes even cash from the bride’s family so that the bride is taken care of in her new home. But many people misuse such a system and harass the bride by demanding more money.

Ram Bhamidi, the senior vice president and head of online marketing, said that the ‘Angry Brides’ game is a way of throwing light on the nuisance of dowry. The new game is a spin off from the globally popular game ‘Angry Birds’.

The homepage of the game shows an eight-armed woman clad in a red sari resembling a powerful Hindu Goddess. The game has been given a very bold caption stating, ‘A Woman will give you strength, care and all the love you need … Not Dowry!’.

In the game, the user has to hit three dodging grooms, a pilot, a builder and a doctor. The gamer has wide options in terms of weapons to choose from which also includes a stiletto shoe, frying pan, tomato and broomstick.