Asia Bizz: After creating a lot of controversy over the Aakash tablet PC in the Indian market regarding its technical defects, India’s  minister of Communications and Information technology, Kapil Sibal, assured that an advanced version of the tablet will soon be introduced by the government.

It was earlier desired that the Aakash will take off in the Indian market giving a boost to students who cannot afford expensive devices. But the technical faults and feedback from the users have hindered all such dreams.

Some of the reports state that the government has decided to put off the plans and shelve the project. On the other hand, the government has promised to come up with an advanced version of the tablet.

Sibal revealed that the tablet is quite in demand and the government will soon be collaborating with the other operators. However, the minister did not comment on the ongoing differences between the government and Datawind, the makers of the tablet. Sibal added that the government has fixed a deal with the makers for delivering 1 lakh Aakash tablets.

Since the launch of the tablet, the government has delivered 30,000 tabs and the rest of the 70,000 tabs will soon be delivered. With the help of the tablet, the government aims to connect the universities in India to promote education.