Asia Bizz: Taiwanese-based entrepreneur Jerry Yang, who is also the co-founder of Yahoo, will soon be leaving the internet company. Yang will be leaving the company while it still tries its best to revive its revenue growth as well as the win over disgruntled shareholders.

Yang’s departure from the company was announced on January 18, 2012 and has signalled the end of an era at Yahoo. The internet company has spent the past years struggling to catch up with its competitor Google.

Google is a company which got early advice from Yang. The announcement of Yang leaving the company comes two weeks after the company hired PayPal executive Scott Thompson as the CEO. Thompson has become the fourth CEO for Yahoo Inc. in five years and will now be trying his hand in the company.

The responsibility is indeed a big one which could not be handled by Yang, who worked in the company for 18 months as the CEO of the company in 2007 and 2008. 43-year-old Yang endorsed Thompson in his resignation from the board of directors of Yahoo and in his resignation, he mentioned that it was time for him to pursue other interests outside of Yahoo.