Asia Bizz: After a lot of criticism faced by the low-priced Aakash tablet PC in terms of poor battery life and processing, the Indian government is now set to launch the Aakash 2 tablet with a better processor and better features. Earlier it was reported that the new tablet will be launched in the month of February 2012, but it has been postponed till April.

The Indian government released a statement which stated that under the pressure to provide better devices, the attention will be shifted on Aakash 2. Rumor has it  that the new device will be available at no extra cost.

The statement from the government added that they are aware of the low quality and complaints regarding the low cost Aakash tablet PC and are planning to bring an upgraded version of the tablet in the form of Aakash II. HRD minister Kapil Sibal said that several other manufacturers, including the ITI, will be involved in the manufacturing of the tablet.

Sibal added that the government wants to make sure that the upgraded product caters to the need of the customers. The HRD minister also revealed that the company Datawind has delivered 30,000 pieces till date and will deliver the remaining 70,000 units as per the revised specifications.