Asia Bizz: For all the fans of south Indian super star Rajnikanth, a new website has been developed in honor of the veteran Bollywood star. The unique thing about the website is that it does not need any internet connection to work online.

The website claims that it runs on ‘Rajni Power’ and is a new initiative by The website is truly ‘allergic’ to the internet connection and the moment you switch on the internet it will prompt, “Aiyyo.. That was unexpected…to keep browsing switch off your internet”.

The website has the entire world of the south super star and once the internet is turned off, the user is then logged on to ‘Rajni Power’. The developers of the website were inspired by the larger than life persona of Rajnikanth and aim to make it unique in every possible way.

Business head HD connections Amit Garg, said that they wanted to give movie lovers something new and unique and unlike the regular website they want to cater to the fans something they have never seen before. The inspiration of developing the website came from the ‘Robot’ actor as he is known to do things that are impossible and it seems that the creative idea has worked out to grab the attention of the online audience.