Asia Bizz: The Tristate Generation and Transmission and Association Inc and Sunflower Electric Power Corp have joined hands with Tokyo-based company Toshiba in a major contract to supply a 971MW super critical steam turbine and generator for the Holcomb Thermal Power Plant in Kansas, USA. Toshiba International Corp is due to deliver the equipments by July 2014 and the plant operation is expected to start in 2017.

Toshiba has grabbed the major contract due to its supply record equipment reliability, competitiveness and technical capabilities. In the year 2009, Toshiba supplied the turbine and generator with equivalent specifications required at Holcomb at another major US utility.

In the past eight years, the company has supplied more than 90 steam turbine generators for thermal power plants, which also include plants which are under construction. Toshiba has also recorded the highest market share on an order base.

In the recent years, Toshiba has seen a remarkable upturn in terms of orders for the steam turbines for combined cycle thermal power plants. The company now expects the cumulative total of orders to surpass 100 units by the year 2014.