Asia Bizz: In some bad news for the officers in the Indian army, reports state that they have been directed to quit all the social networking sites. Orders have been issued to all its men who have joined the social networking sites like Facebook or Orkut following a recent confidential information leak online.

Officers who have not joined the sites have been asked not to join any social network or make themselves available on such social networks while in the army. The Indian army has been monitoring its officers to  see if they have been posting any pictures of the army in their units in uniform or with their weapons.

The officers have now been directed not to join the sites as there was a fear that vital information could be leaked out to unwanted sources. If any officer is noticed violating the rules then strict action could be taken against the offenders.

Facebook has been facing legal action by the Indian government for the permitting the posting of obscene content on its network. The social networking site is among 12 other websites that have also been sued by the Indian government. The teams of these websites have argued that there cannot be any way to censor the content as there are millions of users across the globe. The action came after the government warned the websites to block objectionable content a few months back.