Asia Bizz: The Indian technology companies are now in the current year and 2013 might slowdown the exports of software. The apex bodies of the companies will be taking the move as the corporations keep an eye on the global economic certainty and control the expenses on information technology.

One of the industry officials said that for now two things are certain – that they might not be able to beat the upper end of the year’s forecast and it is unlikely that the industry will grow any faster next year. The official also added that the double digit growth of the financial year ending March 2013 can prove to be a safe production.

Meanwhile the members, including Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and Wipro, are at present struggling to provide clarity about the demand. Normally the companies are certain about the growth forecast by the end of January, but this year the companies are still struggling with the customers on outsourcing budgets.

Another official from the company said that it does not look so robust and the picture is bit hazy this year. The official added that the goal cannot be seen unless the road is clear. There are possibilities that the companies might revise it upwards during the year in case if the picture becomes clearer.