Asia Bizz: A new survey has revealed that India is among the few countries in the world, along with Romania and Mexico, which is not yet prepared to defend itself against the emerging cyber attacks. The survey which has been backed by McAfee cyber defense and it has mentioned that countries like Finland, Israel and Sweden are in the lead in terms of ‘cyber-readiness’.

The survey states that countries like UK, US, Germany, Spain and France rank favourably in the survey. The rankings in the survey are based on the experts perceptions of a country’s cyber – readiness as well as the ability to deal with the range of threats and attacks.

The survey has also taken into consideration basic security measures like adequate firewalls and anti-virus protection. It also includes more complex matters like well informed governance and education.

Raj Samani, the chief technology officer of McAfee, said that the subjectiveness of the report is the biggest strength. Samani added that the report has also considered the perception of cyber readiness by the individuals who understand and work in cyber security on a day-in and day-out basis. The report has also stressed on the need for greater information sharing making law and also enforcement of more powerful laws to combat cyber attacks.