Asia Bizz: Just a day after the government of Indian announced that it gave away the task of carrying the tender proceedings for the upgraded Aakash 2 tablet to the DIT, reports say that the IIT Rajasthan have lost the tablet deal. The government has now decided to hand over all the responsibilities to the PSUs.

The decision came after the clash between Datawind and IIT Rajasthan over the host of specifications . The differences between the two entities rose to such a level that the supplies had to be cut.

This is indeed a big blow to the institution as the IIT Rajasthan has not only lost out to the deal of the Aakash 2 tablet manufacturing but has also lost out on the task of drafting the specifications to the Department of Information and Technology. The makers of the tablet, Datawind, might have got an extension till March, but their tenure after the month is undecided.

The government said that it would require a larger number of tablets in the country and they wanted the other entities to get the opportunity to grab the deal. A government official, in a statement, said that they have realised that the educational institutes are not capable of handling tenders as it involves large sums of money and handling vendors.