Asia Bizz: Earlier it was Indonesia which claimed the second position leaving behind UK in terms of having the second largest number of Facebook users in the world after the US. But now it is India which has claimed the second position and left behind Indonesia.

As per February 1, 2012, India has a total number of 43,497, 980 Facebook users, while Indonesia has 43, 060, 360 Facebook users. In the past one year, Facebook has registered several users from India.

On January 1, 2011, the social network had a total of 16,915,900 users from India and by the end of 2011 the total exceeded 41 users which is a 144% growth rate. Within a year, the country jumped from number six position to number two in the Total Facebook Users Global List.

On the other hand, even the growth of the number of users from Brazil has been quite impressive. The South American country is now the fourth largest nation which jumped from number 13. In February 2011, Brazil had 13,409, 220 Facebook users and in February 1, 2012 the total number of users reached to 37,907,400 with a growth rate of 183%. However, US continues to be at the number one position in the world.