Asia Bizz: As per earlier reports, there was a need for the Indian government to tackle radiation problems in the mobile phones. The Delhi government has already taken some initiation with the introduction of radiation tags on mobile phones.

The country is getting stricter on the mobile phone radiation regulation scenario. From September 1, 2012 onwards mobile phone companies in India can expect rigorous checks on the electromagnetic radiations that are emitted by the mobile phones.

The mobile phone manufacturers need to comply with SAR regulations during the manufacturing of the handsets. The regulations of the SAR are essential to follow so that it does not adversely affect human health.

It has been noticed that many of the manufacturers have not taken the norm seriously and it has become essential to reform the existing rules. At present, SAR also known as the Specific Absorption Rate level for mobiles, is less than 1.6 watt per KG for six minutes, over a volume containing a mass of 1 gram of human tissue. The new rules will be according to the lines adopted by the US and the European nations. As a part of the new reform, all the handsets that are manufactured or imported will be first checked for its compliance to the SAR.