The arguments related to the matter of the social networking sites Facebook and Google, who challenged the summons orders sent to them by the trial court for refusing to remove the objectionable content, has been adjourned by the Delhi High Court. The court adjourned the hearing on February 2, to February 14.

Justice Suresh Kait along with the adjournment also dismissed the petition of a person, said to be the website’s subscriber and also wanted to be a party in the case saying that the closure of the websites will affect his Fundamental Right to Speech. Kait reasoned that there are thousands of subscribers on Facebook and he cannot hear all of them in his private complaint.

The person was also directed to go ahead and file a Public Interest Litigation for addressing his grievances. Additional Solicitor General, N Hariharan told the court that the Social Networking Websites were not adhering to the law of the land.

A case has been filed on 21 websites which include Google and Facebook, for posting objectionable content. The trial court had earlier warned the websites that they could face a ban if they do not censor the objectionable content from their websites. Google later clarified that it was impossible for them to remove content.