Asia Bzz: Search engine giant Google has recently launched a programme for women entrepreneurs. The new programme will help women to grow their business through an online presence.

The programme is known as the ‘Women Entrepreneurs on Web’ (WEOW) and will help the women entrepreneurs across the country to grow their online presence. Through the programme, women entrepreneurs will be provided various web based technologies in their day to day business.

This will help the women to increase their outreach to the customer base. Google, in a statement, said that they are very excited to announce the launch of WEOW programme in the country as a targeted business diversity programme for the women entrepreneurs.

The new programme from Google has a five circle approach which begins by building an online presence and gradually moves towards collaborating. This continues with connecting with the customers and also promoting their organization along with tracking and optimizing the online presence. The statement from Google further added that they soon realized that women were the true entrepreneurs and were clearly not afraid of trying something new. Still many of them were not aware that there are various products that can be used to take out the full potential of the internet.