Asia Bizz: The Volkswagen Group is now looking to double the component sourcing from India. Michael Perschke, the head of Audi India said that the Volkswagen Group is not looking forward to increase the component sourcing from the country.

This has indicated an expense of $924 for the current year. Audi India is looking forward to launch multiple cars in the country and is also planning to expand its dealership in the year 2012.

The Volkswagen Group has acknowledged that the cost effective manufacturing will also find strength in the component sourcing from the country. The group is also planning towards investments in new plants.

At present, the Volkswagen Group sources components from the country which includes crankshafts for the vehicles of their VW Skoda and Audi marquees. Perschke added that their expectations are to increase their global sourcing out of India in the long run. The Audi India head also said that in terms of cost competitiveness, the country has a strategic advantage. Earlier the company said that they have marked a 39% sales growth for the month of January 2012 as they sold 667 luxury cars. For the current year, the company has an aim to sell 8,000 cars which would mark a growth of about 50%.