Asia Bizz: In India, illegal sex determination is still prevalent in many of the states which has lead to several cases of female feticide. In order to keep a watch on such illegal sex determination tests, Mahendergarh, besides Gurgaon, will be the first district to have the new ‘active tracer technology’ device in all the 46 ultrasound machines at the 26 registered facilities.

A press release on February 8, 2012 said that the new technique to keep a check on such practices will soon be implemented in other districts as well. The city of Gurgaon will be the next city to have such a facility.

Dr Saket Kumar, the Mahendergarh deputy commissioner held a meeting at the Panchayat Bhawan, along with the health officials and also the owners of the ultrasound centres. Instructions were given to the people attending the meeting about the implementation of the device.

Kumar warned that in case someone tried to tamper the device then the device has a SIM fitted in it which will send an SMS to the civil surgeon , the deputy commissioner and the other health workers concerned on the mobile phones registered with it. The tracker will help in curbing the female infanticide as all the trackers will be linked to the website