Asia Bizz: One of the top officials from Pakistan said that the authorities have blocked 13,000 website termed as ‘obscene’. The authorities are now taking more steps to prevent the spread of such material through the Internet.

Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan, the Parliamentary secretary for Information Technology, responded to a ‘calling attention; notice to the National Assembly or the lower house of parliament. Khan added that it is a serious issue and that they are trying to address it.

Khan has also expressed his concern over the rapid spreading of obscene material on the internet and added that the government does not have any mechanism to block these websites. A Sub-committee and a ministerial committee was informed to look in to the matter.

Liaqat Ali assured that they are now reacting over the complaint that they received and are also trying to devise a mechanism. Khan pointed out that the countries like China has installed ‘automated filtration system’ but added that such measures are very costly. And even if such measures are installed in Pakistan then the government will not be able to block all the objectionable websites. As most of the websites are from outside Pakistan, it is difficult for the authorities to take action against them.