Asia Bizz: As the day of love Valentine’s Day approaches, people are finding new ways to express their love. Reports state that cyber criminals are making the most of the social networking trends as well as online shopping as the day approaches.

Experts have warned people to beware of spam and cyber crime attacks, amidst the various discounts available on the internet and other attractions and contests for the romantic day. The users are warned to beware of what they click on the website.

One such spam attack was identified on the popular social networking site Trend Micro. Suchita Vishnoi, the head of marketing Trend Micro, said that it is typical for the spammer to use prominent events , enticing contests and brands to cloak the malicious schemes.

It is also a clear fact that the attack is focused on the Chrome and FireFox users, which means that the cyber criminals are targeting the extension-compatible browsers and are also going in for the most popular browser choices. This isn’t the first attack at such events, but the extension capable browsers are now slowly coming in to the limelight. As per the trends, the users are asked to post a Valentine’s theme in to their Facebook profile and from there the user is directed to another website which asked them to download the theme.