Asia Bizz: Users of microblogs in Beijing have been warned by the Chinese government to register online with their real names. A local official on February 8, 2012 said that the users who do not register themselves by their real names will be banned from posting comments.

The authorities are slowly tightening their grip on the web and the Chinese capital has ordered users of Weibos, which is a popular micro blogging site,  to register themselves using their real names. This will make it easier for the officials to track them if they post any sensitive material.

The measure has been taken with the fear that it could help fuel unrest as China is now preparing to undergo a once in a decade leadership transition this year. Tian, an official from the Beijing government, said that those who fail to register their real names From March 16, will not be able to post or repost comments.

The users who do not comply with the condition will be thrown out of the micro blogging site as they will still be able to read the other people’s postings.

Beijing will be the first city to introduce real name registration rules to reduce the possibilities of spreading of rumours and vulgarities.