1:54 am - Saturday February 28, 2015

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LG reveals G-Flex smartphone with curved screen

South Korean giant LG Electronics on October 28, 2013 revealed a curved screen smartphone. With the introduction of its latest device, the company has given a tough competition to Samsung in a niche market which will feature fully flexible...
optimus 4X

LG launches Optimus 4X HD for Indian market

Smartphone manufacturer, LG has announced the launch of Android phone LG Optimus 4X HD. The smartphone was originally introduced at the MWC 2012 which was held earlier this year and ahs a quad core processor. The new smartphone has been named...

LG upgrades Optimus phone to get back in to smartphone market

Smartphone manufacturing giant, LG electronics has upgraded its flagship smartphone model with a new faster chip along with a longer battery life. The upgradation has been made with a hope that it would regain its market in front of the other...