Asia Bizz: Popular Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo announced on February 23, 2012 that it will begin operating its Disaster Voice Messaging service from March 1, 2012 onwards. The new service is a part of company’s ongoing introduction of new disaster preparedness measures since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

The new service from the company has a feature that stores spoken messages from the DoCoMo mobile users and later sends the messages as data files to a network server. The sender of the message has to just enter the recipient’s phone number and then record a message with their smartphone or their mobile phone.

Not more than 20 messages can be stored at a time, each up to 30 seconds in length can be stored up to 10 days. A text message is automatically sent to the recipient’s phone after the message arrives at the server.

The sender also receives the message after the recipient downloads the data file and listens to the message. The sender can in this way notice the status of each message that is stored. The new service has been started as a precaution after the wide scale disaster struck in Japan last year. The service is expected to help potential victims to save their lives.