Asia Bizz: A new survey has shown that most Indians prefer to use the internet for banking and other financial services than shopping online. It was found that about 57 percent of Indian respondents who use the internet prefer to bank online.

The users also prefer online services for other financial transactions since it provides hassle-free access as well as time saving features which can only be found in online banking. The survey was conducted by the research firm lpsos.

It was also found that 53 percent checked information on products and services online, while 50 percent of the users shop for products online. In terms of jobs, 42 percent of the respondents in India surfed the internet to look for a job in the last three months.

Biswaswarup Banerjee, the Ipsos India head of marketing and communication said that online banking has made things much easier for people as it helps in saving a lot of time. Moreover, in India most of the banks have created customer-friendly banking facilities with advanced security features to protect customers from cyber crimes. Banerjee added that the easy registration process on websites has made it easier for users and has drastically helped banks to attract new customers.