In a time when the social networking sites are becoming popular, software giant Microsoft has launched its own ‘’ which is an experimental site which brings together search, social networking and media sharing to promote learning. The new website looked similar to Google +.

The website was initially aimed at helping the students to share the information for research purpose and was only available in some of the US colleges last December. But now the site is available for everyone.

The software giant said that it expects the students to continue using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, as well as the search engines like Google, Bing and other tools. But Microsoft also hopes to encourage students to re-imagine how their everyday communication and learning tools can be improved.

The tools can be improved by learning, researching and sharing in their everyday lives. The new social networking site helps to connect with people on the basis of what they are searching. For instance, the user can sear5ch for a query and tag it on the board and also check what others have found and tagged on the related queries. With the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, it seems like Microsoft is trying to make its own presence in the social network.