Japan has now started the electricity saving targets which came in to effect in July 2, 2012. The saving targets have begun looking over the shortage in the hot summer, despite the restarting of a nuclear reactor.

The households and businesses have been asked by the government to voluntarily cut the consumption of electricity by between five and 15 percent on summer 2010 levels through to September 7, 2012.

The consumption of power usually increases in the months of summer as people turn on the air conditioners to cope with the scorching summer. A reduction target of about seven percent will also come in to force in Japan’s Northern most island of Hokkaido on July 23, 2012.

Reports have said that it would take at least ten days before power generation at the plant. The reduction are voluntary and there will be no penalty if the individual consumers and businesses do not meet them. The government has said that it will order rolling out blackouts if the demand reaches to 99 percent of the supply. The targets have been announced as Japan has ended almost two months without any functioning nuclear reactors. The country has been operating without any nuclear power since early May as the last of its 50 reactors was shut down for a scheduled safety check.