Indian cricketer nicked named as master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar poured his heart out in an exclusive interview. The cricketer, who made 100 international centuries, said that he does not have any intentions of retirement.

Tendulkar said that he does not have any plans to quit as long as he is enjoying and feeling every part of it. The cricketer said, “No absolutelty not, it has been going on from 2006 and its been six years and now I am enjoying cricket and will continue enjoying as long as I am passionate about cricket it makes sense of being part of team sport if its a individual sport you have various things to think about”.

Sachin was also asked the reason for opting out of the Sri Lanka series, to which he said that he is on a long and extended break at the moment and is spending quality time with his family in Europe. The cricketer said that he wanted to spend some intimate time with his family due to which he requested the BCCI.

Tendulkar was also asked about the number of limited ODI games played by him, to which he said that as long as he is enjoying he will continue to be a part of it.