World’s highest density multi fibre optical fibre cable has been developed by NTT for outdoor optical fibre networks. The labs of NTT has been successful in increasing the fibre density of optical fibre cable by using bending loss insensitive optical fibre and novel optical fibre ribbon.

The NTT East and NTT West will use the fibre cable in late July. The new optical fibre cable is lighter in weight and smaller in diameter and is expected to contribute to the improvement of the installation workably and effective use of infrastructure.

The outdoor fibre cable is installed in more than several hundred meters. The light weight of optical fibre network helps in improving in the workability of the installation or manual installation without having to tow the machines or installation by fewer workers.

Moreover the smaller diameter of the optical fibre cable further enables the effective use of available space to install the optical fibre cable in such conditions. The NTT Labs has developed the optical fibre cable to expand the spread of FTTH service. The new fibre cable uses BIF and a novel optical fibre ribbon called the rollable optical fibre ribbon. The cable is composed of rollable optical fibre ribbon with standard 0.25 mm diameter.