Indian telecom giant Aircel is offering Apple’s iPhone 3GS for just $181, when it is paired along with a year long, prepaid unlimited data plan across which costs around $55. The company is promoting the offer with the name ‘Unbelievable’ and supplies either unlimited 3G data which is tethered from 3.6 Mbps to rather slow 128 KBPS after a use of 2 GB monthly data use.

The phone also comes with 2G plan which includes unlimited 2G data 1000 minutes of talk and 2500 SMS per month. The new pre-paid option can be compared to the plan available in the US. IN US the iPhone 3GS is available for free when subsidized by an expensive AT&T contract.

Cricket Wireless started selling two models in the US in the month of June for $500 and $400 respectively which an unlimited plan of $55 per month which slows down after 2.3 GB of use. In the US the iPhone plans have always remained identical for more than five years even as the carriers Verizon and Sprint have partnered with Apple to sell the phone.

But the carriers in the other countries have tried different plans. Meanwhile Apple continues to experiment with carrier plans in cheaper pre-paid plans which are now being offered by Aircel in India.