A 27 year old woman on July 22, 2012 successfully gave birth to a baby girl while onboard one of the trains of the Delhi Metro. The new mother Juli Devi went in to labour near the Jangpura station and have birth to her baby at 7:28 am as the train was approaching the Central Secretariat Metro Station.

Devi was accompanied by her husband and was helped by the fellow women passengers. Even the Delhi Metro Rail was quite prompt and the mother and the baby were safely rushed to the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital within minutes of giving birth.

Juli and her husband came from Faridabad and were on their way for a medical check up at the Safdarjung hospital. The doctor earlier said that the baby was due on July 30, 2012.

Ranjit Rai, Juli’s husband said that his wife was experiencing intermittent pain due to which they thought of taking a second opinion. Juli complained of pain near Jangpura station and within minutes the baby was delivered. Rai said, They immediately stopped the train at the station, but could not arrange for an ambulance or a nurse and decided to rush us to Central Secretariat. In the meantime, the baby had been delivered”. The Metro staff arranged for an ambulance and a wheel chair after which she was immediately rushed to the hospital.