Once again the northern part of India faced a complete blackout on July 31, 2012 with no lessons learnt from the July 30, 2012 blackout. The Delhi Metro came to a standstill on Tuesday afternoon as the services were suspended for two hours due to the collapse of the Northern Power Grid for the second consecutive day.

The power grid collapsed at 1 pm and the Metro trains in Delhi stopped at the tracks and some of them even stopped inside the tunnel. Due to no power supply, the passengers stuck in the trains were evacuated immediately.

None of the trains had stopped inside the tunnels due to the power failure but they were brought to the nearby stations were all the passengers were evacuated. But the services were restored by 3pm with minimum frequency after the partial restoration of supply from the Northern Grid.

After the grid failed, the Metro officials closed all the stations and evacuated the passengers from the premises with the help of CISF personnel, who guard the installations. The officials made public announcements about the power failure and the suspension of service. People who were stuck inside the train narrated their stories of how they were brought to the stations and evacuated.