After the panic created among the people of the North Eastern region living across the country, the Indian government has ordered the ban of 80 or more Internet pages and user accounts on the social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and Twitter. The order has been given so as to avoid panic among the people.

It has been found that all these sites have posted inflammatory and hateful content which are spreading rumours and inciting violence. The messages are also targeting the people from the North East region.

On August 19, 2012 the government ordered to block 76 internet sites which include the web pages and some websites. The government also said that the bulk of rumours which triggered panic among the people of the North East states living in Karnataja, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra were sourced from Pakistan.

Sources from the government said, “We have found inflammatory and objectionable contents on some pages of Facebook and Google. Some user-accounts at Twitter were also found spreading similar contents. All-together, around 80 such pages and accounts have been ordered to be blocked today”. The rumoiurs have also led to the mass exodus of people from northeast from many places which includes, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune. Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Home Minister has requested his Pakistani counterpart Rehman Malik to crackdown on the elements which are causing unnecessary panic in the country.