The Home Secretary of India R.K Singh has alleged that the websites in Pakistan are spreading the false rumours which has caused thousands of people from India’s remote northeast to panic. The messages have forced the people to flee from the southern and western India.

The messages had also created a fear that they would be attacked in retaliation for the ethnic violence in their home state. Singh on August 18, 2012 told the reporters that that investigators have found that most of the websites had used the images of the people killed in the cyclones and earthquakes and had passed them off as Muslims killed in violence earlier this year so as to spread fear of revenge attacks.

The Home Secretary also revealed that most of the images were uploaded from Pakistan and that the sites have been blocked. Singh has assured that the matter would be discussed with the officials in Pakistan but gave no details about the websites.

The two countries have routinely blamed each other for the domestic stress. However, there was no immediate reaction from the officials in Pakistan. The exodus happened after the ashes in the state of Assam in the recent weeks due to the stress between Bodos and Muslims which killed more than 50 people and displaced 400,000 others.