After Samsung received a blow from a US court to pay damages worth $1 billion to Apple, a Japanese court on August 31, 2012 rejected Apple’s claims that Samsung stole its technology. The new ruling is the latest chapter in the ongoing patent war between the US giant and South Korean giant.

The two companies in the patent war have accused each other of stealing their intellectual property. The Japanese court found that Samsung did not infringe on Apple’s iPhone and iPad patents for some of its own Galaxy smartphones and tablet computers.

The judging panel consisting of three judges also awarded legal costs to Samsung. Judge Tamotsu Shoji said, “The defendant’s products do not seem like they used the same technology as the plaintiff’s products so we turn down the complaints made by Apple”. Apple in the claim had sought damages as well as ban on Samsung products in the lucrative Japan market.

Analysts have said that with the new ruling, it will help the South Korean company to recover itself from the blow received by the US court. On the other hand Samsung has been constantly denying the rival’s claim in a string of similar cases filed across the globe.

Photo Credits: News Pano