On September 23, 2012 about forty people were injured in a fight at the Foxconn plant on North China’s Shanxi province. The government officials on Monday said that among the injured, three were in serious condition with most of the others were slightly injured.

A senior official from the government of Taiyuan city, the provincial capital said that the fight started at 11 pm in the site’s dormitory zone in Taiyuan which is the provincial capital. The fight had attracted more than 10,000 spectators and triggered chaos.

About 5,000 policemen were sent to the chaos scene and the situation was brought under control at 9 am on Monday. According to an initial investigation it was found that the fire broke out as workers from Shandong province clashed with those from the Henan province.

In China is has been noticed that if people from the same town often unite together and if one of them if offended his hometown people are likely to fight back on his behalf. More investigations are underway. But the official s from the government denied the media reports that there had been a halt in the plant’s production work. The management from the plant were not immediately available for comment.


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