After the violence at the Foxconn Technology Group at China, the officials said that it expects limited impact on the production. The plant resumed operations today on September 25, 2012 after the fight between almost 2,000 workers which left about 40 workers injured.

Louis Woo, the spokesperson of the company said, “Overall it probably won’t be significant because this factory mainly does a lot of components, auto electronics, consumer electronics and precision molding”. Woo added, “If we lose just one day, I don’t expect it will impact any finished goods significantly and, with overtime, we could make up any shortfall.”

On September 23, 2012 the incident involved the labourers from Shangdong province and Henan province after which about 5,000 police were sent to the facility. Some of the employees were arrested.

The fight had highlighted that the tension can build up between migrants from different provinces working at the same factory campus. Terry Gou, the Foxconn Chairman had agreed with the decision of the management to shut down the production for a day so that the people get some time to cool down. The violence was brought under control at about 3 am on September 24, 2012. Even the production of iPhone 5 remains unaffected as the factory does not assemble the device.


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