A senior Official stated that Iran could acquire ballistic capabilities landing US on the map of strike range by 2015. US undersecretary of Defense stated it won’t be sooner than 2015.


But then Foreign assistance could help Tehran get better missile technology. Analysts say that Safir, the space launch vehicle developed by Iran last year, could be easily converted into a long range missile.

General James Cartwright last week said that Iran could make a nuclear bomb from enriched Uranium within a year, but it would at least take 5 years to use it as a weapon. He stated that a light US military strike would not halt the march of development in its nuclear sector.

The local news channel came up with a report that, Iran’s military would begin a three day exercise which will include the air, army and navy to test their home built missile capabilities. This is now going to the wrong side according for the US government.


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