Chinese super star Jackie Chan, who is popular for his acting and fight skills across the world including China and Japan, recently spoke about the ‘disputed islands’ issues between the two countries. As the Asian actor is an icon across the globe and specially in these two countries, the 58 year old actors opinion is of interest to many.

Chan was in Taiwan to film scenes from his upcoming movie ‘Chinese Zodiac’ when he stated, “The Diaoyu Islands (Chinese name for Senkaku Islands) definitely belong to China”. The actor added, “The Diaoyu Islands belong to China, but what I say doesn’t count. It is up to the government to deal with it; I wish I was Superman, so I could pull the islands closer.”

In interviewing the star in regards to the movie ‘Chinese Zodiac’, the Taiwanese media had asked for the actors opinion on the issue of the disputed islands . The theme of the movie involves the recovery of treasures which were stolen from China by foreigners; which fits perfectly with the ongoing dispute between the two countries.

The actor was also asked if he would ever consider filming on the islands to which he said that he would not do so as it is a sensitive issue and there would be nothing to gain.


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