The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev told the world that the rent it pays to Ukraine in maintaining the Black Sea fleet is not overpriced at all. He told the press that the new rent which has been decided is high but not excessive because of the strategic relations with Ukraine. The current lease if extended to another 25 years when it expires in 2017, and the payment to Ukraine will be done on the basis of a 30% discount on natural gas which is imported by then from Russia.


The Russian Prime Minister said that the price was too high from his opinion but then he could not negotiate on the terms of military up keep and then also maintaining of the relations with Ukraine.

But there was a negative feeling with the people of Ukraine towards the deal and there were around 7000 protester outside the Parliament house, who tried to get into the building were stopped by the police. The whole agitation started with a brawl and a shower of eggs on the parliament speaker. But as for the deal, its ratification is going to be done on Wednesday and then the agreement will be forwarded to the Presidents of both the countries for signing.


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