On October 15, 2012, the Tokyo Public Law Office opened a branch office in Tokyo which will provide legal assistance for foreigners in Japan. This is the first time Tokyo will be having such an office specifically for the foreigners in the country.

The Tokyo Public Law office, through it website informed that the office is located in Mita, Minato Ward and has a staff of six lawyers. Foreigners can get legal assistance in English, Korean, Chinese and Spanish.

The office will also be providing legal assistance in other languages but for that it will call an interpreter from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Till now, foreigners in Japan were depending on the Foreigners and International Service Section of the Tokyo Public Law Office in Toshima Ward, which was established in the year 2010, in November.

The office in Toshima Ward has been the only legal consultation provider in the country for foreigners. The officials said that since the opening of the office it has handled more than 700 cases. For assistance, the office can be contacted on the number 03-6809-6200. The office said that the demand for consultation has increased in recent times on issues like labor, visa and marital issues, due to which the decision was taken to open a new office in Minato Ward.


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