Telecom operator Airtel on October 18, 2012 announced the launch of its 4G LTE service in Pune. Maharashtra’s growing tech hub becomes the third city in the country to get the 4G service after Kolkata and Bengaluru.

Airtel subscribers in Pune can check if the 4G services are available with the help of a map on Airtel’s website. Subscribers also have the option of buying Airtel’s 4G dongle and online services. The 4G service, which is currently available in Kolkata and Bengaluru, only offers  data services and not voice.

Airtel has announced plans for their new 4G service, which range from Rs. 999 for 6 GB to Rs. 2,999 for 30 GB. The plans offered by the telecom operator are classified into four heads:

  • Break Free : Rs. 999 pack for 6GB
  • Break Free Max: Rs. 1,399 for 9GB
  • Break Free Ultra: Rs. 1,999 for 18GB
  • Break Free Ultimate: Rs. 2,999 for 30GB

At the launch of the service, K Srinivasan who is the president of Consumer Business at Airtel said, “Today, we are excited to launch Maharashtra’s first 4G experience for Airtel customers in Pune.” Srinivas also said that the response in Kolkata and Bengaluru in terms of 4G services was compelling. The telecom company has also announced the launch of Airtel Broadband, Airtel Movies and Games on Demand.


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