In the past week, authorities in Honk Kong have seized ivory worth USD 26.7 million. The illegal ivory was found in two shipping containers, making it one of the biggest seizures of Ivory in Hong Kong, weighing up to 8,000 pounds. The containers were holding three pounds of ivory ornaments as well as 1,209 pieces of ivory tusk. According to Hong Kong city officials the ivory had arrived from the African countries of Tanzania and Kenya.

Earlier, on October 16, 2012, customs officials intercepted a container from Tanzania which was allegedly carrying plastic scrap. However, on investigation it was found that the container was actually holding ivory worth USD 13.5 million. The very next day, another container from Kenya was also intercepted and was found to be carrying USD 13.2 million in ivory. A previous bust in 2011 revealed that ivory and rhino horns work USD 17.5 million were being illegally trafficked into Hong Kong.

According to a customs spokesperson, a Hong Kong resident, along with seven other people has been arrested in regards to the crime. Hong Kong is viewed as a major center for illegal ivory trade, from where ivory is transported to other parts of China.

The endangered African Elephant moves closer to extinction as the demand for ivory shoots up across the world as well as affluent Asian countries like China and Thailand.


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